The Zambian-German Agricultural Knowledge & Training Centre (AKTC) is at the forefront of advancing sustainable agriculture in Zambia. Our Centre operates two pivotal projects aimed at promoting climate resilience and environmental sustainability through innovative farming methods. Here’s an overview of our ongoing initiatives:

Climate Adapted Farming Methods (CAFM)

The CAFM project focuses on equipping farmers with techniques and technologies to adapt to the changing climate. By integrating climate-resilient practices, we aim to enhance food security and foster sustainable agricultural development in Zambia. Through comprehensive training programs and hands-on demonstrations, the CAFM project empowers farmers to mitigate the impacts of climate change on their crops and livelihoods.

Regenerative Agriculture for Improved Nutrition and Environmental Sustainability (RAINES)

The RAINES project is dedicated to advancing agroecology research and promoting regenerative agricultural practices. Centered on an 8-hectare model farm, RAINES aims to test and develop agroecological methods and principles of the circular economy.

Join us as we pave the way for a resilient and sustainable agricultural future in Zambia. Explore our projects, participate in our training programs, and be part of the transformative journey towards climate-adapted and regenerative farming practices.