Under trainings, AKTC offers a wide range of hands on, crop production and agricultural machinery related training topics to our target groups. AKTC’s target groups are emergent farmers, farm managers, technical stuff, students and lectures of agricultural learning institutions. As well as field extension officers (from both government and private institutions) who in turn operate as multipliers in knowledge and skills dissemination.

Our training topics include:

Agricultural Machinery Trainings:

  • Introduction to Agricultural Machinery
  • Boom Sprayer Calibration
  • Planter Calibration
  • Fertiliser Spreader Calibration
  • Tractor Operation and Maintenance
  • Tractor Driving-Introduction (new training topic)
  • Tractor Driving with Implement (new training topic)

Crop Production Trainings:

  • Soil Management and Fertiliser usage
  • Soya beans production
  • Potato production
  • Vegetable Production

Technical Trainings:

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) use in Agriculture
  • Irrigation and Water Management

Farm Economics Training:

  • Farming as a Business
  • Farm Business Simulation (new training topic)

Our trainings are limited to 20 participants per training topic. The topics Irrigation and Water Management, Soil and Soil Cultivation, Soya Beans and Potato Production are conducted in an Indaba set up as they are only taking place once every year. Our Indabas are organised for big groups of farmers with about 2 to 3 experts leading the topic.

Most of our trainings mentioned above are being conducted by the two AKTC long term experts, Martin Sikanyika who is the agricultural machinery expert and Leslie De Jager the crop production expert. Trainings such as Farming as a Business and Vegetable Production are conducted by our short-term experts who are sourced outside the project.

Moreover, AKTC trainings are both tailor made, and demand driven. This means that a group of farmers, lectures, students or extension stuff have the opportunity to request for trainings from the list above. Availability is depending on the AKTC training schedule for the year. However, all of our trainings are offered on first come first save basis as available spaces are always limited. It is therefore advised that interested trainees should make registration for the desired topics in due course to avoid being left out. Registrations should be made through our trainings coordinator;

Genius Chabinga

Contact: (+260)972224494

Email:    genius.chabinga@aktczambia.com

For further information regarding this year’s trainings schedule, please visit our website page on www.aktczambia.com