Field and Youth Day events

In order to introduce the practical use of new agricultural technologies and techniques to the Zambian farming community, AKTC conducts special events such as field and youth day events once every year. Our field days mainly target the overall farming community around Zambia whereas the youth day events target the young emerging farmers who come together to share related knowledge. AKTC field and youth days are usually packaged with a wide range of topics ranging from crop production (with focus on soya beans, wheat and potato production) to agricultural machinery. These special events are suitable for farmers looking for concise, up-to-date information on agricultural practices that are both effective and economically feasible.
Since inception in 2014, field and youth day events have been at the heart of the AKTC project. As such, our field and youth day events offer a special platform of accessing new information through interpersonal knowledge exchange with experts and other farmers involved. Moreover, these events are structured around expert presentations and farmer to farmer interaction, which offer an outstanding learning-teaching style.

Field Demonstrations and Research

As an agricultural training centre, research and field demonstrations are inevitable activities of the AKTC project. This is because new and advanced knowledge is developed every day and before such knowledge is disseminated to the farmers, research and demonstrations have to be conducted in order to give evidence-based data to the farmers.

AKTC field days are co-hosted by the AKTC private sector partners and other stakeholders as well as agricultural experts. These professionals also present new farming methods and technologies. For instance, Grimme, an AKTC private sector partner showcased the practical operation of their potato ridger, planter, haulm cutter and lifter during the previous AKTC Field Day.

Based on such arrangements, farmers are able to interact with AKTC experts regarding the prevailing issues in the farming sector. This includs climate change related issues among others. Additionally, these events offer excellent opportunities for farmers to share their experiences and sharpen their agricultural related skills. Farmers are also able to learn first-hand information about new agricultural technologies and management practices. Usually such activities are conducted in the months of September and October, when most if not all of our crops are ready for harvest.
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