The Zambian – German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Center (AKTC)

The Zambian – German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Centre (AKTC) is a project within the Bilateral Cooperation Program of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The counterpart of the German Ministry is the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture.

The AKTC supports Zambia in building a resource-saving agriculture and food industry through its diverse training courses for farmers, service providers and multipliers as well as agricultural advisors, lecturers and students.

On the 100ha demonstration- and research fields modern agricultural implements from Germany are used to grow wheat, soya, maize and potatoes.

The project objective is: Market-oriented farmers and multipliers successfully apply the knowledge acquired in the AKTC and thereby contribute to the further development and modernization of the Zambian agriculture.

More About AKTC

In contrast to the other organizations which are active in the agricultural sector in Zambia, the AKTC targets mechanized farmers who produce for the market and multipliers.

The AKTC is a physical training centre based on Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust’s (GART) Chaloshi Farm along T2 65km north of  Lusaka. On 72ha of arable land under irrigation, demonstrations in modern and sustainable agriculture for soya-, wheat- and potato production are conducted. In addition to that, climate-adapted agriculture under irrigation and under dry field farming with soy, maize and cover crops is demonstrated.

In order to conduct training in modern and sustainable agriculture, the AKTC has its own training facility with overnight accommodation for 28 training participants. It has excellent technical implements in the form of agricultural machinery, irrigation technology, a weather station and a photovoltaic system. In addition to the facilities and the equipment AKTC is run by three long term experts who acquired their expertise as farmers and technicians in the private sector.

Through these unique selling points, the AKTC has established itself as a unique training and knowledge centre in Zambia, which has little to no overlap with other organizations that are active in the agricultural sector.

In 2019, AKTC initiated a research project known as the Climate Adapted Farming Methods (CAFM) project on a 27 ha of rain-fed land. This project is being done in collaboration with the University of Hohenheim in Germany and the University of Zambia (UNZA). The design and implementation of the project is done by Mr. Godfrey Omulo, a PhD candidate at the University of Hohenheim. The CAFM research is aimed at reducing climate-related yield losses and securing income for market-oriented farmers in Zambia through the application of climate adaptive tillage methods.

Furthermore, the study intends to give small-scale, emergent and large-scale farmers, as well as agricultural companies and institutions in Zambia insights on Mechanized Conservation Agriculture (MCA) by providing hands-on training and demonstrations.

Trainee Accommodation

The Agricultural Knowledge and Training Center’s
(AKTC) accommodation is a farmers’ and
students’ accommodation facility built at the
AKTC premises at GART-Chaloshi farm in
The facility was officially opened on the 12th of
April 2018 by the Minister of Agriculture Hon.
Michael Katambo. The facility was built to provide
accommodation to farmers and students
who attend trainings at AKTC for more than a
The accommodation facility is a copy of a typical
dormitory of a boarding school and can
accommodate a maximum of 28 people. With
the photovoltaic system, trainees are assured of
uninterrapted power supply.


1 Conference room (40 maximum capacity)
• Campsite with fire places
• 2 rooms with 2 bed spaces each
•  dstv compact
• 6 rooms with 4 bed spaces each
• 4 showers & 2 toilets for the gents
• 2 shower rooms & 2 toilets for the ladies
• A separate kitchen building stocked in with
     a four-plate cooker
     1 refrigerator & 1 deep freezer
     cooking utensils
• Solar Geyser