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The Zambian – German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Centre (AKTC) is a project within the Bilateral Cooperation Program of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The counterpart of the German Ministry is the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture.

The AKTC supports Zambia in building a resource-saving agriculture and food industry through its diverse training courses for farmers, service providers and multipliers as well as agricultural advisors, lecturers and students.

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Zambian – German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Center


Under trainings, AKTC offers a wide range of hands on, crop production and agricultural machinery related training topics to our target groups. AKTC’s target groups are emergent farmers, farm managers, technical stuff, students and lectures of agricultural learning institutions. As well as field extension officers (from both government and private institutions) who in turn operate as multipliers in knowledge and skills dissemination.


AKTC conducts field demonstrations and research on 10, 27 and 62 hectares of land at the Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust’s (GART) Chaloshi farm. Field trials and field demonstrations on the 10-ha field are run by a photovoltaic driven pivot whereas the 62ha pivot operates under the main grid electricity supply. On the other hand, research done on the 27 ha are purely rain fed.


AKTC field days are co-hosted by the AKTC private sector partners and other stakeholders as well as agricultural experts. These professionals also present new farming methods and technologies. For instance, Grimme, an AKTC private sector partner showcased the practical operation of their potato ridger, planter, haulm cutter and lifter during the previous AKTC Field Day.