The use of Information and communication technology (ICTs) has rapidly spread in various production and industrial sectors leading to improved production of goods and services and agriculture is no exception. However, the adoption of ICTs in agriculture is currently far from saturation as most farmers in rural Africa, in particular Zambia are still finding challenges in accessing and using these technologies. As a result, many farmers are missing out on various benefits associated with modern ICTs in agriculture. One research study suggests that “Access to information through mobile phones and mobile internet can also help agriculturalists manage risk and reduce vulnerabilities to a changing climate (Baumüller, 2013).”

In 2019, the Zambian-German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Center introduced a training on the basic use of GPS in agriculture. Tractor Service Providers (TSP) and emergent farmers are introduced to the use of GPS in agriculture and some GPS based technologies available.

It teaches farmers practically on how to measure distances, field areas and on how to get the co-ordinates of a particular point by using a phone based mobile app called Fields Area Measure. The app uses GPS technology, that usually comes with each mobile device and is available in both ISO and Android app store.

This training benefits farmers as it eases their work of manually measuring distances and areas, which is both tiring and time consuming. Instead, they can now do the measurements by using their smartphones

Once the exact field area is measured with the GPS device, accurate quantities of inputs like fertilizer and agrochemicals can be applied. Applying the right quantities of inputs per area guarantees the optimum usage. It avoids over or under application and therefore saves money and maximizes the profit.

During this training, farmers also learn about other benefits of using smart phones. Access to weather updates, market prices and agronomic advice from reputable internet sites and apps are among those. For example, by using their smartphone, farmers can have the weather update for their areas by visiting

Also emphasized is the use of social media. Through social media, farmers are exposed to a larger community of farmers and consumers. These communities are accessible through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. On these platforms, farmers can advertise their produce and ask questions on various topics. To a large extent these platforms save as a knowledge exchange medium. Having mentioned that, farmers can also follow AKTC’s farmer training updates on or join our farmers WhatsApp group on

The GPS use in agriculture training requires that farmers have a smart phone and a Fields Area Measure application installed on their smart phones. In case farmers who attend the training at AKTC do not have the app installed on their mobile devices will be assisted to install it during the training.

However, from the farmer groups that come for trainings, it has been noticed that some farmers to not have smart phones. This is not because they cannot afford to buy one, but largely because they have little knowledge on how to use smartphones as a compliment tool in their agricultural activities. Therefore, they prefer a small phone over a smart phone. With this AKTC training, farmers get to appreciate the use of smartphones in agriculture. It improves their accuracy in agricultural operations and makes price finding for the services or produce rendered easy and transparent.

The knowledge gained from these trainings has prompted farmers who did not have smartphones the first time to acquire one. Farmers have been calling the training centre asking for assistance on the installation, configuration and technical know-how on various agricultural apps. Mr. Lushomo Muchindu (Digital Media & IT) personnel for AKTC has been of great help to the farmers in this regard. For further Information & assistance please feel free to call Mr. Muchindu on +260 973 924 086.

It is therefore pleasing to mention that AKTC has so far trained approximately 1.000 farmers, agricultural extension officers and students in the use of the app-based GPS found on smart phones.

AKTC, May 2021


Helmut Anschuetz

AKTC Team Leader