Snakes have remained some of the most feared animals across the world not only because of their looks but also because some of them possess deadly venom. From time in memorial, many people have evolved with a culture of treating a snake as an enemy that they would quickly get rid of, once in

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Our New Strategy in Conducting Farmer Trainings The Zambian-German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Centre (AKTC) recorded a high number of farmer participation in last year’s (2019) trainings. Not only did the centre record high participation rates, but also managed to reach out to all the ten provinces of Zambia in terms of training delivery.

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Farming as a Business

Why farmers are encouraged to learn, understand, and practice Farming as a Business methods? Farming is a Business: Farming has to be treated just like any form of business were the owner’s major motive is to maximise profit and not as a pass time venture. The only way to maximise profit is by trying

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