Why farmers are encouraged to learn, understand, and practice Farming as a Business methods?

Farming is a Business: Farming has to be treated just like any form of business were the owner’s major motive is to maximise profit and not as a pass time venture. The only way to maximise profit is by trying to keep production costs as low as possible and aim to sell the produce at the highest possible market price and this can only be done through good management, planning and market research. It is said for any venture, “if you fail to plan you plan to fail“ and it is out of this spirit that farmers are encouraged to seek guidance in all what they do on their farms.


Farming as a business course teachs farmers to be equiped with the ability to make well informed and profitable decisions on enterprises of choice.

Furthermore, the farmer is challenged to be able to estimate and know:

  • What type of crops or livestock to produce?
  • What quantity to produce?
  • What time of the year to produce?
  • Where is the market for the produce?
  • What is the expected return to cover production costs? etc.

In order to answer the above questions sincerely, the farmer has to be equipped with all the necessary entrepreneurial skills. This will give way to how the resources will be efficiently and effectively allocated and used. Thus why farmers are always encouraged to appreciate, undertake and seriously take Farming as a Business.

“Farming as a business the wise way to go into the business of farming“